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There, he is trained to become a doctor, until he flees to South Korea to work in its top hospital so he can bring his North Korean lover to him. Wong had gone on to note that the New York Sanctum needed a new protector due to Daniel Drumm being murdered by Kaecilius. In the climax of the battle, Strange, visibly shocked, signaled to Iron Man that this was the one timeline he foresaw where they won and nudged him to act, which ultimately led to Stark sacrificing himself by stealing away the Infinity Stones and using them to wipe out all of Thanos' remaining forces, including the alien warlord himself, which proved Strange's visions correct. Once he was subdued, Strange was within Thanos' grasp and tried to pull himself away. Strange watches the Ancient One's final fight, Just before Kaecilius could deliver the finishing blow and kill Strange, the Ancient One arrived and pulled them apart, revealing to Mordo that her power derives from the Dark Dimension. Strange explained that Odin was currently still hiding out in his exile within Norway as Strange used his powers to teleport himself and Thor around the New York Sanctum while he confirmed that he did not have to modify his magic in order for it to work for Asgardians, with Thor getting also increasingly annoyed about being teleported around the building so much and spilling his ale as a result. Although Mordo denied this, as he could not believe the Ancient One had been doing something so reckless and lying about it, she did not and returned to Kamar-Taj, leaving Strange and Mordo. Trying to convince him to break the loop, Dormammu noted Strange would spend eternity dying in agony, but Strange insisted it was a price worth paying to protect everyone on Earth. 1990 ) ... Trinity Of Sin : The Phantom Stranger 20 (Dc Comics - The New 52) Août 2014 - Revue (Autre) Comics; Année de parution : 2014; Occasion dès 2,75 € Vendez le vôtre. Inside, Strange initially mistook an elderly man for the Ancient One before he was introduced to the true Sorcerer Supreme, who presented him with tea and welcomed him to their world. Sutradara; Jin Hyuk, Hong Jong-Chan; Genre; TV Shows; Drama; Subtitle; Korean; Pemain; Lee Jong-suk, Park Hae-jin, Jin Se-yeon, Kang So-ra. Soo Hyun is an independent and strong doctor with beautiful looks and comes from a wealthy family. [3], Before Thanos could kill Iron Man, Strange intervened and offered the Time Stone in exchange for Stark's life,[3] since his future vision revealed to him that Stark needed to live to convert Hank Pym's Quantum Tunnel into a time machine for the Time Heist and sacrifice himself at the Battle of Earth to defeat Thanos. Doctor Stranger: Episode 19 by gummimochi. Gender Co-screenwriter Park Jin-woo previously wrote Conspiracy in the Court (2007) and The Kingdom of the Winds (2008). The Top 9 Medical K-Dramas. Raising into the air with the Cloak of Levitation, Strange then cast his duplication spell, splitting into an army of magical clones of himself to restrain Thanos with hundreds of Eldritch Whips. Strange laughed at the complex names as Mordo introduced him to the Staff of the Living Tribunal and Vaulting Boots of Valtorr and then invited Strange to conjure up his own weapon using his powers. Maw noticed Spider-Man was chasing him all and tried to get away. Taking a break from fighting, Mordo explained the concept of relics, which held their power within objects rather than in the Masters themselves. Instead, he suggested continuing on their current course to Thanos, proposing they ambush him on his territory, where he would not be expecting an attack, and to keep his attention away from Earth. While Strange joked that clearly, the issue she was having was that the patient had a bullet inside his head, Strange suddenly realized there was something wrong. Strange manages to return Wong back to life. [3], Strange returns onto Earth through his portal. Strange is taken inside the Mirror Dimension, Strange then learned how to master the Astral Projection. Stark then told Strange that he had better be right. Although his life had been saved due to the emergency surgery, both of Strange's hands had now suffered permanent nerve damage which had forced West to use eleven stainless steel pins inside of the bones. Demanding absolute silence, which included West being told to cover his watch, Strange eventually managed to find and remove the bullet. As Kaecilius reached him and tried to kill Strange with a Space Shard, Strange completed the spell and froze Kaecilius in place. Human Palmer left him and walked out of his life, leaving the now alone and frustrated Strange to look out over New York City and consider all the decisions he had made and what he was going to do next. A genius defector from North Korea begins working at South Korea's top hospital but is ostracized by the other doctors and lives as an outcast. As he named them all one by one, Strange would reveal the Time Stone from the Eye of Agamotto. [4] Thanos agreed after warning Strange not to double-cross him. Disgusted by Strange's insults, Mordo furiously called him a coward, claiming he had just saved his own life against all the Zealots and still cared for nobody but himself. Avengers: Damage Control Strange questioned if he found all of this funny before Kaecilius noted that Strange's Sling Ring was missing. Strange successfully removes the lost bullet. However, after a tense standoff, both parties realized they shared the same goal, before deciding to work together to ambush Thanos, who they expected to be arriving soon. Cha Yo-Han est un docteur en anesthésiologie. Stark noted that the Ship was on an automated course bound for an unknown location. Véritable génie dans son domaine, il se montre très arrogant. One day while in his Apartment, Strange was on a video call with a doctor who stated that he cannot help him and turned him down, angering him to where he threw his tablet across the room. Helicarriers. Kaecilius then knocked her through a portal and she fell hundreds of stories down with Strange and Mordo failing to save her from the deadly impact. Doctor Stranger | Rakuten Viki. As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk) and his father Park Cheol (Kim Sang-joong) were tricked and sent to North Korea. Despite his tremendous maturity, Strange maintains some of his old habits such as making sarcastic comments and jokes when talking to others, similar to Tony Stark and Peter Quill. Logic was thrown out the window (or door) of Doctor Stranger with the first 2 Episodes and pretty much never returned. Strange was sent back through the Multiverse where he was told that the reality he knew was simply one of many. As Mordo assisted Strange using the Staff of the Living Tribunal to trap Kaecilius inside of a building as it was being rebuilt, they then discovered the corpse of Wong who had died fighting the Zealots. However, if he also perceived the chance a patient could survive, he would help them recover even if it would not benefit his public image, showing that at his core, he does care about saving people. 12 K-Drama Leads With All The Genius. Comment actions Permalink. Using his Sling Ring, Strange summoned Spider-Man to attack Thanos, leaping through conjured portals to repeatedly attack Thanos from all sides and preventing him from removing the Cloak. Stranger 2 | Bimilui Soop 2 (tvN / 2020) Cast. Doctor Strange # 20 ( V.O. Stranger is one of my top list crime dramas, which i never skipped a second while watching it. Strange also recreated the missing page on the book which made him realize how The Ancient One remained young. Despite Maw's efforts, Spider-Man managed to grab Strange, only for the both of them, as well as the Cloak, to be caught in the Q-ship's tractor beam. Strange attacks Thanos with an Eldritch sword. Leaping into the air, Thanos retaliated with a blast of energy from the Power Stone. mademoisellejane_107 March 20, 2019 09:08. Strange insisted that they did not have to kill, but Mordo told him that there was no other way to win. Strange witnesses Kaecilius' sudden defeat. He became a genius cardiothoracic surgeon after attending medical school in North Korea. Starring Jong-Suk Lee, Jin Se-Yeon, Park Hae-jin. Strange questioned why Thor had decided to bring Loki back to Earth considering the risk. Strange tells the group how to defeat Thanos, Despite seeing that the defeat of Thanos would happen only with the sacrifice of Tony Stark,[4] Strange returned back to reality, and gravely informed the others of how many scenarios he had seen and that only one of them ended in Thanos' defeat, but did not inform them of any of the details.[3]. Strange convinces Karl Mordo to fight back, Returning into Kamar-Taj which had been left in utter ruins due to the previous attack, Strange found Karl Mordo who was now considering everything he had learned about the Ancient One's lies. Although West requested to assist Strange in the operation, he refused the offer and instead told Palmer to come to assist him. As Wong expressed his great surprise that Strange had read so many complex books on the Mystic Arts, he invited him to a deeper section of the library to study some of the more detailed books. Once Stark asked about Thanos, Strange told him if he gets all six stones he will destroy half of all life that is hitherto undreamed of. EPISODE 1 Doctor Stranger In a last minute effort to stop a war between North and South Korea, Doctor Park Cheol and his son Park Hoon are sent to the north to perform heart surgery on the North Korean leader. As they made their way across the city, Strange and Mordo were ambushed, with Mordo being forced to battle the both Brunette and the Blonde Zealot while Strange fought Kaecilius, who desperately attempted to break the new spell while Strange used the changing landscape to his advantage. After agreeing, Strange reminded Stark that he would prioritize saving the Time Stone over either Stark or Parker's lives, asserting he would easily let either of them die if it means keeping the Stone from Thanos' hands. Stepping back onto the courtyard of Kamar-Taj, Strange began his fight training with Karl Mordo. Park Hoon became a genius like chest surgeon. Master Sorcerer: As the guardian of the New York Sanctum, Strange is one of the most powerful members of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, possessing an extremely high level of mastery over magic which he used to defend his native reality. Thanos explained to Strange that with all six Infinity Stones, a single snap of his finger would only cause a merciful cessation of half of the universe's existence. When Pepper Potts called this to attention, Strange stepped up to hold back the water from reaching the battlefield. Stephen Vincent Strange M.D., Ph.D is a powerful sorcerer and Master of the Mystic Arts. All of this at the cost of his own life, this made him one of the few people to have earned Stark’s respect. Strange then reclaimed the Cloak of Levitation which wiped a tear from his eye, much to Strange's minor annoyance. Enraged, Dormammu killed Strange over and over again but was unable to stop the cycle repeating itself endlessly. He was then cornered in an alley by three thugs who attempted to rob him, despite Strange insisting that he did not have any money. Strange and the Ancient One discuss magic. Strange would get sealed by bricks from Maw which he attempted to remove the Time Stone. Despite Nicodemus West's objections, who wanted to start recovering the patient's organs immediately, Strange found a perfectly intact bullet and realized that it had been hardened by a poison that caused the patient to fail reflexes tests and enter a death-like state. Strange refused as he was supposed to save lives, not end them and couldn't bear killing anyone else in the wake of Aster's death. Despite still struggling at first, eventually Strange mastered the techniques he needed and successfully created a portal and landed back at Kamar-Taj, much to the Ancient One and Mordo's amusement as he fell onto his face before them. Unable to save his sister, Strange decided to become a doctor to save lives. [3], Strange attacks Thanos on the floating cliffs. Kang Sora Transforms into Beautiful Doctor in “Doctor Stranger” Kang Sora has transformed into a female doctor. Strange asks for Jonathan Pangborn's help, When the instructor sent him Pangborn's file, Strange tracked him down and found him playing a game of basketball with his friends, seemingly in top physical condition. Now that it ended, i have no series to wait for every weekend. Drama 2014 1 season. Strange invites Palmer to his speaking event, They briefly discussed the laminectomy procedure they had invented together, with Strange still complaining that it had not been named after him yet. Aug 18, 2014 . Male Monday & Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on SBS 1 Season, 20 Episodes Unwilling to allow the Zealots to succeed and the Dark Dimension to destroy the Earth, Strange began opening the Eye of Agamotto in a final effort to defeat the Zealots. The official poster for the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger” is out. Strange did not want to move on but find a way to restore his hands so he could return to his former life as a neurosurgeon, claiming there was an experimental procedure in Tokyo he wished to try as it could be an opportunity to fix his hands and return to his life. Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news and events by Soompi, and original productions -- subtitled in English and other languages. 06, 2014. As the fought, they disturbed several objects in the physical world in the process while Palmer continued performing the surgery, briefly distracting Nicodemus West while he was buying snacks. Strange used his own Sling Ring to transport himself into the Metro-General Hospital to find Christine Palmer and asked her to operate on him alone. The official poster for the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger” is out. Barely recovering from the revelations shown to him, Strange remained on his knees and begged her to teach him how to do this, but she refused and then had him cast out because of his previous disrespect towards her and their ways. Knowing what had transpired during the five years due to looking into the future with the Eye of Agamotto prior to the Battle of Titan, Strange enlisted the assistance of Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy. When all Western medicine failed him, Strange embarked on a journey that led him into Kamar-Taj where Strange had made the discovery of magic and alternate dimensions, being trained by the Ancient One. However, Wong then revealed that he did not have any actual American money, annoying Strange, who told him he'd buy a tuna sandwich instead. [10] During this time, Strange also learned that Odin, the former king of Asgard, was on Earth and made contact with him, with Odin opting to stay on Earth, instead of returning to Asgard. Nevertheless, Strange claimed that there were other ways to defeat their enemies, a claim he ultimately proved correct by defeating Dormammu without killing him. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. As the Ancient One began to go into cardiac arrest, Strange noticed that the Ancient One had entered the Astral Dimension and had left the room. Strange questioning Star-Lord's interference, Awaiting for Thanos' arrival, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy attempted to formulate a plan of attack, while this happened, Strange activated the Time Stone, and just as he had done with Dormammu,[12] Strange created a time loop living 14,000,605[3] possible scenarios. Doctor Strange Episode 2 May. However, Thanos immediately regained the upper hand, activating the Soul and Power Stones to instantly destroy the false images and briefly sunder Strange's astral form from his body. Drame 2014. 05, 2014. Doctor Stranger is available for streaming on SBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. He had a sister named Donna, who drowned after getting a cramp while swimming. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! Knowing that leaving her own body now could prove fatal, Strange entered his own astral form and followed the Ancient One as she moved through the hospital, telling her to return as she was dying, however, the Ancient One seemingly refused to listen to him and entered glided onto the balcony to see New York City. Available on Viki, Prime Video The prime minister finally reveals who will perform the heart surgery. Doctor Stranger: Episode 20 (Final) by HeadsNo2. Strange is stopped by Wong and Karl Mordo. Kdrama Müzikaller Tv Şovları Display. Synopsis Hoon and Jae Joon work together on the surgery and successfully save the patient's life. Indeed, even while still inexperienced, Strange was able to use the powers of the Time Stone's container, the Eye of Agamotto, quite effectively and safely, despite it being considered to be very dangerous for the natural order. Strange began his training with all of the other students under the watchful eye of Karl Mordo but struggled initially, finding himself disappointingly unable to create a portal using the Sling Ring which the other trainees appeared to have no issue doing. Strange only took on patients that he believed would help benefit his status, even refusing to heal a US Army Colonel's back, albeit it was because this injury was a simple one any neurosurgeon can fix. JL. However, as Strange foresaw, the Hulk managed to reverse the Snap, returning Strange and the others into life as they had continued their battles against Thanos, with an army of heroes, as Strange had witnessed Tony Stark sacrificing his life in order to finally destroy the Mad Titan once and for all. When asked how he had performed such a difficult spell for an early level trainee of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Strange explained that he had used his photographic memory before questioning what the purpose of the Masters was as this had never been explained to him. Strange was soon knocked into the Cloak of Levitation's container, which then proceeded to save Strange's life as it began deflecting all of the Space Shards that Kaecilius had continued to attack him with. In South Korea, Park Hoon begins to work as doctor in a top hospital Myungwoo University Hospital. What a strange finale indeed. Saved by Amanda Glenn-Bradley. Strange asking Wong about all of the heroes. Doctor stranger has the same problem too.. i‘m afraid that when the problem is fixed, the drama isn‘t available anymore in my country.. 2. He spent most of his remaining money in seven different surgeries to attempt to heal his hands to the point of near bankruptcy, remained outside of Kamar-Taj's front door for five hours after being initially thrown out, then spent most of his time at Kamar-Taj studying and improving his abilities, even going as far as studying while sleeping through Astral projection. Episode 3 May. There, he fell deeply in love with Song Jae-hee (Jin Se-yeon). Chaleureuse et à l'écoute de ses patients, elle fait preuve d'une très grande... Drame, Comédie, Drame, Médical, Romance. [1], Strange tells Nicodemus West to take charge. Strange begs the Ancient One to teach him. Strange then spent the next five hours banging on the door and begging to be let back inside until finally, Mordo had changed the Ancient One's mind. In North Korea, Park Hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a famous doctor. Strange could only inform Stark that they were now in the "endgame. Strange prepares to battle against Thanos. Comic Doctor John 16 épisodes. Just as Aster attempted to conjure another Space Shard and finish off Strange, the Cloak of Levitation again came to his aid, wrapping itself around Aster's face and keeping him from killing Strange. Doctor Strange: Mystic ApprenticeDoctor Strange: Episode 0Avengers: Infinity War PreludeAvengers: Endgame Prelude Starring Jong-Suk Lee, Jin Se-Yeon, Park Hae-jin. Once there, Strange put on the watch Christine Palmer had given him and then looked out the window. Trapped in the wreckage of the car, Strange lay in utter agony and eventually lost consciousness. Through his training with the Ancient One, Strange gained a newfound appreciation for the natural order of things due to his studies of the Mystic Arts and became more humble. Les informations de base sur le drama… Pays: Corée du Sud . Unlike Strange, Dormammu had no power over time since the Dark Dimension was a place beyond time. Strange creates a portal to Odin's location. Doctor Stranger – Xandddie. With this remark, Maw began to telekinetically stab the microsurgery needles one by one into Strange's body, each inducing terrible pain while commanding that Strange release the Stone, to no avail. Species PH. While Strange was still fuming, Christine Palmer came to his apartment trying to convince him to stop wasting all his money on his hands, as well as telling him to move on by assuring him that there were other ways to save lives and live his own to the fullest with her help. Whilst he compensates his lack of experience by further using the powerful magical relics at his disposal and his intelligence allows him to imagine unorthodox solutions to problems, Strange has also learnt to comprehend his limits and despite his success at the hands of Dormammu's defeat, he has begun to realize the natural order should not be entirely disturbed, the same reason why Mordo left the Mystic Arts and vows to never use the Eye of Agamotto until he is fully prepared. On February 2nd, 2016, continuing his neurosurgeon career, Strange performed another operation while at Metro-General Hospital, where he had watched a team of students who were all taking notes. Explaining that he was still fighting against Kaecilius before he could allow Dormammu and the Dark Dimension to take over the world, Strange then showed Palmer the portal he had previously made with his Sling Ring when he had arrived to confirm once and for all that what he had been saying was completely true. While undergoing his physical therapy, Strange was instructed to open his fingers using a brace, something he still found to be almost impossible to do without causing himself great pain. Strange getting helped up by Christine Palmer, With his wound from the Space Shards mostly dealt with, Strange decided to return to the New York Sanctum and to continue his fight against the Zealots, although Palmer insisted that this was a bad decision. Finding himself in a new location in New York City due to just being thrown through the portal, Strange walked throughout the New York Sanctum looking for anybody and had soon discovered the Rotunda of Gateways as well as the Cloak of Levitation, which had seemed to acknowledge him, during his time looking around all of the corridors and searching around for someone to help him get back. Metro-General Hospital (formerly) Masters of the Mystic Arts Breaking free, Strange attempted to use the Stone against Maw but was quickly restrained again by cables. Strange introducing himself to Spider-Man. Strange's faith with the Ancient One is tested. Strange successfully managed to shave his beard down, giving himself a new look before he went to the library and asked Wong for some new books, jokingly calling him Beyonce, however, Wong still believed that Strange was not ready for the books. 1 - 3. Seeing this as his last chance, Strange charged back at the door and screamed out at the Ancient One and Mordo to please let him back inside. Cho Seung-Woo: Bae Doo-Na: Hwang Si-Mok Han Yeo-Jin Public Prosecutors' Office. As Strange listened, Kaecilius explained the Zealots' plan was to thrust reality with the Dark Dimension, giving themselves and all lives on Earth eternal life. I thought Chang-Yi's mother had been released from the hospital. Strange prepares for battle against Thanos. Available on Viki, Netflix A young man flees North Korea in search of a life in the south, and encounters a woman who looks like the woman he lost during his escape. Season 1 Related. Joining Strange there, Wong agreed with his choice, claiming to overuse an Infinity Stone was dangerous. Strange attempts to summon his own weapon. Monday & Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on SBS 1 Season, 20 Episodes May 6, 2014 Action & Adventure, International, Romance 7.4 / 10 Cast: Lee Jong-Suk, Hae-Jin Park, Jin Se-yeon, So-ra Kang. Strange's time spell is broken by Kaecilius, As Strange, Mordo, and Wong prepared to run back to the Hong Kong Sanctum to defend it, they were then interrupted mid-spell, resulting in time being frozen around the fighting. Strange awakes while still inside the hospital, When Strange woke up the following day while in his hospital bed, he found Palmer waiting by his side.

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