Work Happily and Live Healthily-2017 Outdoor Experiential Training of Gangji Logistics Company

In order to enrich enterprise culture as well as promote talented people team building and personnel pool training, Gangji company arranged a trip of outdoor experiential training to Huanghuacheng Great Wall at the theme of working happily and living healthily on Sept 9th, 2017. This activity is to enhance team cohesiveness and communication capacity.

Leaving the noisy city, backbones and newly emerging forces from Tianjin, Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang walked on the road of  Huanghuacheng Great Wall. The scenery is like a painting and full of birds twittering and fragrance of flowers. With happy songs singing on the road, they started a series of interesting games.


The games included primitive men’s tribes building, writing like an angel and shiatsu sheets relay race (which is famous in a TV show named running man), these games needed very high tacit understanding among members so that they will comprehend one swallow does not a summer make. There’re only perfect teams, instead of perfect individuals.





Another game was state treasure finding. Each team got a part of treasure map which only included spot and argots. Every people had five secret missions which requested them to meet with their partners, exchanged missions, hided treasures and looked for them. Finally, they found their teammates and got the treasures. During the game, they realized that communication was a vital factor to success for teamwork.






On the second day, they hiked on the mountain road and climbed the Great Wall through Chinese chestnuts garden. After a slight rain in the morning, they breathed the fresh air with water, mountain and great wall connected with each other. With eyes finding the beauty of nature and facing up to the test from earth and nature, they totally integrated into the nature and felt the friendship of team on the road without knowing the age, gender and identity.






The games during the two days are full of intelligence and physical strength which will both strengthen the body and enhance the communication among workers with integrating new comers into the team. Through the two-day activities, the belongingness and sense of honor have been enhanced, so has the team cohesiveness.

Let’s be a person who has a living target and a working dream. Be a charismatic and optimistic person. Work happily and live healthily.