A、 Door To Port (or Port To Door) service

Door To Port (or Port To Door) service

Comprehensive inland network and extension service functions
Logistics distribution, truck and railway agent service
Transporting cargo from door to door
Import and export oversize cargo
Unpacking container at port & making distribution to door


Products and Services
Collection, distribution, transshipment and warehousing services for the import and export cargo.
Cargo warehousing management and the value-adding services such as cargo sorting, packaging, commercial processing and information search.
Bonded warehousing and cargo under customs supervision services.
Transit trade, trade between bonded enterprises and business consulting services
Customize & repair garmentainer and other specific container
Resources support
Our container yard serves for large and medium
We formed storage & logistics services strategic partnerships with several famous companies
Advanced CY, warehouse facilities and progressive professional technology
Professional storage container administration system and IT resources support
Strong remote client-side query function
Domestic Storage network
We operate 400000㎡ CY and nearly 50000㎡ modern logistic warehouse in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo. We own 100 trucks and 5000 SOC. We could provide full port logistics service to client.

(Import & export customs declaration, inspection)
1、Basic process of customs declaration):Declaration、Taxation、Examine、Release;
2、We now implement paperless customs declaration. Principal prepares PDF electronic bill with clear & complete official seal. As for commodity inspection, we declare it as usual. It needs original of Inspection of Attorney, Ocean Bill of Lading. If it is legal examine commodity then please also provide original of Certificate of Origin.
3、Agent brokers proceed EDI by system.
4、Send EDI to customs meanwhile send electronic bill.
5、Confirm tariff amount. Clients could pay tax on-line or appoint broker to pay on behalf of them.
6、Customs will release cargo after check and examine.
1、Export customs declaration:
Having simple procedures, operating conveniently and quickly, covering a wide range of commodities: issuing B/L on behalf of clients.
2、Import customs declaration:Covering a wide range of commodities and issuing B/L on behalf of clients. Cargo may involve multiform trading.
3、Provide 24-hour service and agent for customs inspection, fumigation and disinfection services.

C.Port To Port services

Booking & stowage for import and export air & ocean shipping
Issuing B/L in different places and other extension services
SOC for lease and sale
NVOCC certificate and overseas agent support
Manipulate platform for Cargo and Document
IT business system administration control, IT support and guarantee system
We are cooperating with several shipping line to develop Imp & Exp cargo business together.

Eg: Southeast Asia door to door service

Eg: Southeast Asia door to door service
Deem Singapore as ASEAN network core
SOC value-adding service:Providing SOC medium-short term usage and lease service to China and Africa, so as to reduce cost for sea-railway combined transportation and transit goods.
Southeast bilateral customs declaration, storage transportation and trailer.
Door to door total logistics service system
SOC: SOC example:

Sea-railway combined transportation from Southeast to outer Mongolia, Middle Asia and Russia

•When overseas shipper in Singapore, Malaysia or other foreign countries is booking with shipping line or Keyun overseas branch, then agent will arrange stowage and issue through Bill of Lading to final destination.
• After cargo arriving at Xingang port, Keyun will arrange transit shipment declaration and finish booking for international railway transportation.
•As for Shanghai/Qingdao/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Dalian and other domestic business, firstly we transport them to Xingang port by feeder and then ship them to Outer Mongolia regularly.
•Shipping cargo to Erenhot/ZAMYN-UUD then proceed transit. Meanwhile finish reloading process, which means changing Chinese railway vehicle to a foreign railway wagon.
•Cargoes ship to final destination (Mongolia, Russia or other European countries) through abroad railway, Keyun agent (or client appoint his agent) will fulfill customs declaration and make delivery to door.
•Container lease and sale: Keyun Total Logistics: Ms. Jiao Yue
Tel:022-58969893 E-MAIL: jenny@keyun.com.cn