America is built of many pieces and it rises on the tide of a

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When just one side supplies all the answers, you get Buchenwald, The Twin Towers and the body strewn dance floor of the Pulse club in Orlando. America is built of many pieces and it rises on the tide of a tumult of voices. The nation’s course is decided not by assault rifles but in the ballot box where each and every one of us has a say..

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nhl caps Shayla has a Cree heritage and has relatives from the Muscowpetung Indian Reserve in Saskatchewan, and she also has Metis heritage with relatives from the Batoche are. Shayla is blessed with rich cultures and has a good sense of the importance in the unity of the colours of the races, and this knowledge serves as the light for her respect, support and speaking for cultural diversity and to challenge racial discrimination, prejudice and intolerance, for Canada is a cultural mosaic country, welcoming and accepting of all races. As a young member of the First Peoples of Canada, Shayla would like to witness in her life time a better Canada for the betterment of all citizens. nhl caps

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