Corporate Exchange Visits with COSCO to Promote Communication and Development

April is a spring season with lives reviving and full of vigor. In order to enhance the industrial exchange and mutual understanding, leaders, general managers and sales specialists of Keyun group and COSCO Shipping took part in a meeting during April 2nd and 3rd.

Participants of COSCO comprise general manager Ma Xin, deputy manager Tian Feng and Liu Yu, general manager of domestic trade department Yang Yang, and attendees from Keyun group are general manager of Keyun group Ti Xiuxiang, Liang Song and Dongguang, general manager of Gangji Shipping Agency, general manager of Gangxin Company Huang Cheng, general manager of Ganghang Shipping Agency as well as sales specialists of Keyun group.

The meeting started with an introduction of domestic trade development. As a central government-owned enterprise, COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd. have many advantage business sectors, including domestic trade ship, domestic trade lines, cargo distribution as well as online booking trade called Pan-Asia e-commerce. Their leaders explained in depth their core business problems. General managers of Keyun group introduced their business majors, dominant positions, cooperation direction and goals. They all hope the cooperation scope can be extended to a degree that domestic trade development can grow out of nothing and international trade can develop gradually.

General manager Ma Xin of COSCO Shipping made a summary from past cooperation experience and spoke highly of good foundation of two companies. At the same time, he put forward to some disadvantages and hoped the one-on-one service aim will be fulfilled in a better way in the future cooperation. General manager Ti Xiuxiang hoped the two companies can make more exchange visits in the near future.