A Gang Collecting Arbitrary Charges Occupied Illegally in Xingang Port Uprooted Finally

In order to improve the business environment in the Tianjin port, Tianjin Binhai New Area Bureau of Public Security has kept cracking down on disruption of market order and punished that type of crime more severely near the ports since the special actions of gang crackdown and putting an end to disorder. During this period, a gang with twenty people was uprooted, which has illegally occupied land for collecting parking fee and run business of refined oil for a very long time in Beijiang port of Xingang port area

A 50yuan case led to a suspicious gang

“Domain at both sides of this road belongs to us, if you would like to park here, you have to pay 50yuan or you have to leave, or else, your truck will have troubles. Don’t blame us once that happened.” One day in March, 2018, Mr. Wang, a trucker, was threatened to pay 50 yuan by two strangers when he parked and stayed over at Beijiang port. By the thought of losing money to avoid misfortune, he gave them 50 yuan submissively. But after that, the more he thought about it, the more he got angry, so he called 110 and asked for an explanation.

The 50 yuan case in which nobody was hurt has drawn the close attention of Binhai New Area Bureau of Public Security Tianjin Port Branch. They have organized the related companies to make a specialized analysis, study and determination for parking dispute which happened in recent years in Tianjin port Beijiang port area, finding that most of the cases took place in the evening at the concentrated area for trucks near Yuejin road, east ring road overpass and eastern gate of free trade zone. The charge collectors at the above-mentioned areas were all from Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Combining all of factors, the police made an analysis that those people may form a gang to oppress the fellow of same trade and dominate the market. By seizing the vacant land illegally, the gang asked for parking fee from truckers with violence and threat. By regarding the current case as the sally port, Tianjin Binhai New Area Bureau of Public Security Tianjin Port Branch formed the joint work team instantly and investigated the internal relations of the gang in order to ascertain the crime and strived to uproot it in a short time.

“By visiting victims in similar cases, we find that most of them are nonlocal truckers for container in-gate in Tianjin. Worrying about revenge, they were forced to keep their resentment to themselves”, police from Tianjin port branch told the reporter. The police gave up their rest time and connected victims by taking advantage of evening time when truckers felt relaxed. In this way, it would eliminate their fear and alert. Finally, after nearly one-month-long patient visit, those victims eliminated their fear and told about their experiences to the police.

Regional bully’s numerous evildoing

With police’s further visit, more and more victims provided evidence and clue. Special investigation team finally ascertained that the brothers Li from Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are prime culprits. They started running a tire patching business from place to place at Tianjin port Beijiang port area and became familiar with the environment of the port. After making enough money, they cajoled fellow-villagers and hired roughnecks by providing an attractive remuneration and promotion. Gradually, a gang with brothers Li as the principals and other twenty as backbones was formed. During 2014 and 2018, it set seven parking lots near Yuejin road, Linhai road, south gate of customs inspection center and east ring raod overpass by seizing vacant land. They force truckers to pay parking fee with the form of violence, threat, deflation and license destruction.

Between 2017 and 2018, the gang purchased refined oil refueling truck deliberately and bought refined oil illegally. Without acquiring the certificate of selling diesel, they sold it to truckers in Tianjin port and expelled counterpart violently. An illegal refined oil market thus formed in Beijiang port area. A the same time, the gang also threatened and drove the counter part for tire patching business and became a regional bully by collecting 1500yuan per month as protection fee from sixteen people who also run the tire patching business.

Deploying forces and thunder action

The actions of the gang had a bad influence on truckers. Some legal businessmen were threatened when the gang infringed upon their property and safety. Utimately, a vicious power group was formed in Tianjin port and the business environment there was destroyed.

After obtaining evidence provided by victims, Tianjin port branch acquired a large number of crime facts and the gang’s structure by following up clues one by one. The tangible proofs have been confirmed as racketeering, unlawful business operation as well as intentional injury. The opportunity has been ripe, so Tianjin port branch decided to give them a final strike and uprooted them. Directed and supported strongly by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Public Security and Binhai New Area Bureau of Public Security, special case team carefully formulated a scheme and formed a sizable capture team with excellent personnel. At the evening on April 24th 2018, both of Tianjin port branch and Binhai New Area Bureau of Public Security arranged over 260 police constables to capture the twenty people, including principal criminals and the gang’s backbones, and seize eight refueling trucks as well as a large number of physical evidence, like account books and computers.

Over a night, the gang collapsed like a house of cards. To clear up the criminal case marks the first gun of gang crackdown in Tianjin port, which shocked the crimes with power.

At present, the sixteen criminals of the gang have been prosecuted by the prosecutorial organization.


Recently, some shipper reported to ennews.com that US Customs Service inspected rigorously the eye shadows and children’s products and some shippers’ cargos have been detained.

Children’s toys and apparels were rigorously checked

Some insider disclosed that USCS in Newark Liberty International Airport ( EWR for short) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO for short) made an extremely strict inspection for cargoes. It’s quite likely for products related to children, like toys and apparel, to be detained.

If you would like a successful customs clearance, then CPSC TEST REPORT and CHILDREN PRODUCT CERTIFICATE have to be prepared. Please confirm whether the above-mentioned materials have been ready once you have such products to be shipped to US.

Departments in US put forward to new requests for eye shadows

Besides, US also enhanced the management and control of eye shadows. Some quality and inspection departments may require shippers to provide packing photos and components of exported products, such as pigment and additive. Such kind of products may experience a slow customs clearance or temporary detention and wait for further news, and detention charge will be collected.

As far as we know, this inspection for related products sticks to monthly policy of customs. Some insider speculated that it’s because incomplete materials for previous exported products were provided to customs which often happened before,

How to deal with the rigorous inspection for shippers?

In fact, the standards of inspection for different cargos are varied, thus, it’s hard for shippers to know how to deal with it?

Some shipper said to ennews.com that only the requests for inspected cargoes by sea are higher. If possible, shippers can choose other ways to ship cargos, which are easy to clear customs. Moreover, they should also be active to communicate with Inspection and Quarantine Department of countries they imported cargoes from and exported cargos to so as to pass the inspection as soon as possible. Some details, like warning labels, are worthy of attention as well.

In effect, children’s products and cosmetics belong to hot categories of consumption goods and easily get the favor of customers. Both China and US made a high standard of management and control for children’s products and daily goods, only some subtle differences appeared, but international businessmen only accepted their country’s standards and regulations. In this way, when exporting products, shippers have to know about the related requests of products in time. Only when products conform to requirements, can they pass the customs successfully.

The accuracy rate of transpacific lines hit rock bottom: two thirds of container ships encountered delay

It’s reported by Sea Intelligence, an analysis company, that the accuracy rate of transpacific lines slumped in February. Nearly two thirds of container ships encountered delay. Sea Intelligence said this showed there’s time crisis in the transpacific services.

“In this situation where over two thirds of container ships encountered delay, it’s unlikely for anybody to be satisfied”, quoted Sea Intelligence.

The report showed that the accuracy of delivery of containers for any shipping company in the transpacific services hit rock bottom.

The accuracy fell to 38.6% in the crucial lines from Asian to western coast of North America, which reached a record low since 2015. It’s said that the strike of workers at the terminal of the western coast of North America caused the delay of container ships at that time.

Sea Intelligence said that according to Ocean Alliance, the low accuracy always exists and nobody can find the root.

Carriers may defend for themselves that it’s probably out of control since all of major shipping lines seemingly made a bad performance, which is just Experts’ analysis. There’s not any method to prove that. Even if carrier could strive for a mitigation phase, it would probably get the same result.

Even though the accuracy of transpacific services fell slightly, it rose to 73.7% by 6.5% globally in February, compared with the same period of last year.

Several Well-known Logistics Enterprises Convene for A Grand Meeting

Nowadays, Xi’an city is not only one of the most popular tourism cities, but also the vital connection one along the Belt and Road. It plays a great role in trade and logistics industry as well.

The 16h China International Logistics Festival and Qingdao port the 9th China West International Logistics Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred as logistics festival) was held by both China Communication and Transportation Association and Xi’an Municipal Government in Xi’an during April 8th and 11th 2019.

With the theme of New Silk Road, New Junction and New Logistics, the logistics festival attracted a large number of domestic and international well-known logistics enterprises, city representatives and people of logistics industry from the countries along the Belt and Road. International exchange and integration in the logistics industry is of great value to the forum.

Logistics Festival is to open and will promote the whole industry to upgrade and develop sustainably

Seeing construction of the Belt and Road as the tie, Shaanxi province is building a colossal channel of the Silk Road and nurturing the incubation and cooperation platform. After gathering information of human immigration, logistics and information streaming, Shaanxi province gradually forms its own characteristic modern economic system by developing hub model, gateway and flow economy.

As a typical hub city that the Belt and Road proposes, Xi’an plays a more and more important role in the development of the Belt and Road. Its predominant regional advantage and investment environment attract investments from many well-known enterprises, including Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, ZTE corporation, Suning,CRRC, China Railway Group Limited and China State Construction Engineering Corporation.

This logistics festival will mainly study how they influence China’s logistics industry, including the Belt and Road, CHINA RAILWAY Express, construction of the hub, motivation of innovation, internet plus as well as international cooperation.

At the same time, integrated with construction of the Belt and Road in Xi’an city, experience and fruits of construction of China (Shaanxi) Free Trade Pilot Area and National Central City will promote the whole logistics industry to upgrade and develop sustainably.

Holding Hands with Xi’an, Many Big Guests Gathered at Logistics Festival

The festival will be a big party in the logistics industry. A large number of domestic and international famous logistics enterprises, city representatives and people of logistics industry from the countries along the Belt and Road will appear in Xi’an.

The participating companies cover on-line and off-line sectors, including air, express, storage, transportation, e-commerce, supply chain, information platform and CHINA RAILWAY express. The executives of China Eastern Logistics, Suning Logistics, SINOIOV, Beijing Trans-Eurasia International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Xi’an International Land and Port Multimodal Transport, Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Shaanxi Tongjia and Shaanxi Auto Group as well as logistics management organizations from some 40 domestic cities will attend the festival.

Besides, counselors, officials of embassies in China and principals of international enterprises from over twenty countries will also take part in this festival, including Mr. Tan Li Lung, consul general of Malaysia in Xi’an, HOY PICHRAVUTH, consul general of Kingdom of Cambodia in Xi’an, Mr.Kim Beongkuan, consul general of Republic of Korea, ABAY BULATOV, representative of Kazakhstan Railway Corporation in China.

Looking from the International Angle, Building A Fantastic Platform for Business Integration

The logistics festival has to be taken from an international point of view. Participants will not only study the method and fruits of science and technology, but also seek cooperation with domestic and international enterprises by sharing global resources.

A business exchange area was exclusively set by the organization commission after the global logistics forum was finished on April 9th, 2019. It was a magnificent platform of resources integration, trade communication and business promotion for domestic and international logistics enterprises online and offline.

Zhang Guoqing Goes to Binhai New Area and Tianjin Port to Solve the Problem of Port and City

Recently, Mr.Zhang Guoqing, Deputy of Secretary and Mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government went to Binhai New Area and Tianjin Port to solve the problem of port and city.

Zhang Guoqing Goes to Binhai New Area and Tianjin Port to Solve the Problem of Port and City

Inland transport of Tianjin port mainly focuses on road transportation, with railway accounting for a little proportion, causing many a problem, like transport disruption of port and city, unbalance of inland transport structure, insufficiency of restricted lane and unreasonable deployment of port functions. Thus, the dispute of port and city grows more and more remarkable.

On the Taida street, trucks of evacuation of cargoes from port, buses and cars emerged at the same time, leading to a severe noise pollution. Due to customs sealing and absence of north-south road, traffic pressure on the Haibin Avenue soared. The western block on the crossing of Yuejin road and Hiatie Avenue obstructed the connection between Haitie Avenue and Shier Street.

Mr.Zhang Guoqing checked the traffic condition and regional arrangement of above mentioned places on the scene in order to know the deadlock of the problem. He pointed out that the port advantage was one of the core strategic resources of Tianjin’s development. Port and city brought out the best in each other. Binhai New Area and Tianjin Port Group should plan high quality development, disperse and instruct problems reasonably, arrange and implement the plans carefully and reduce the negative influence effectively based on Major National Strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development. Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Tianjin Municipal Government, Communication and Transportation Bureau of Tianjin Municipal Government as well as Development and Reform Commission of Tianjin Municipal Government ought to study and give the implementation plans as soon as possible.

Mr.Zhang pressed that the important spirit should be implemented that Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) initiated when he visited Tianjin port. With an ambitious courage to build a world class green and wise port in mind, we should determine to resolve problems of port and city to achieve common prosperity.

Functional layout of Tianjin port has to be improved. In order to build a northern international shipping core area, the inland transport system needs bettering. Terminal logistics organization is to optimize for accelerating to build road network. Specialized harbor channel ought to be set to promote the proportion of railway transportation, closely connecting Tianjin port and hinterland. Port intelligence has to be upgraded by speeding up the blending of intelligent technology and fields of the port. Integrated charge collection standard will be reduced to a competitive one across the country. Operation efficiency has to reach a leading level at home. Tianjin port will be built as a world class intelligent port with container throughput owning a great-leap-forward development.