• world reading day: read the world and please yourself
    this spring day There are not only flowers, but also reading Shakespeare once said: Life without books is like sunshine; Wisdom without books is like a bird without wings. This April, we celebrate the 27th World reading day. As the saying goes: the true meaning of life, taste in books. Taking advantage of the warm wind of "world reading day", in order to stimulate the atmosphere of learning and reading for all staff, form good reading habits and promote the construction of the company's culture, the company gives each little partner a Book of their own choice, so that everyone can embrace the beauty of spring in reading and let a wisp of book fragrance accompany you and me. Reading makes everyone who works hard in it draw a picture of himself not admitting defeat, and then ride the wind and waves and cut through thorns and thorns all the way; Reading allows us to go through the peak and trough of life. After a thousand sails, we are still young. The most beautiful four "reading" days in the world, only reading can not be negative. "World Book Day" is only one day a year, but its significance is to make every day a "Book Day", and every day we can enjoy the progress and fun brought by reading. Let's take reading this spiritual practice as a daily life, read the world's Classics and exile the spiritual voyage.
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  • Keyun Group won the "top 100" and "top 10"
    annual meeting of centralized procurement of central enterprises The fourth annual meeting of centralized procurement of central enterprises jointly organized by China International Chamber of Commerce and central enterprises industrial supply chain Committee was held in Chengdu on December 29, 21. Nearly 300 qualified suppliers of central enterprises and representatives of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises gathered together to discuss development plans, create new advantages of supply chain and promote the high-quality development of made in China. Beijing Keyun Logistics Co., Ltd., the founding chairman unit of Wiffa African Union, was invited to attend the activity and won two awards in 2021, namely, "top 10 service providers" of China's industrial supply chain and "top 100 enterprises served by central enterprises". The two awards are inseparable from the excellent service of Beijing Keyun logistics. Since 2005, Beijing Keyun Logistics Co., Ltd. has focused on the whole process logistics of African engineering projects, and has closely cooperated with many central and state-owned enterprises such as AVIC technology, China Turkmenistan, China railway construction, China Luqiao, north industry, China Gezhouba Dam, NARI Group, China Wuhan e-commerce, etc. Beijing Keyun logistics is to provide African enterprises with end-to-end logistics services, including full container shipping, LCL, inspection, land transportation, yard and other services. Its own Keyun yard, motorcade, customs broker and testing agency are designed to simplify the service process and optimize the service quality.
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  • Keyun logistics won the outstanding contribution award of "stable and smooth supply"
    Keyun logistics won the outstanding contribution award of "stable and smooth supply" On December 14, 2021, the third National Congress of the seventh session of China Container Industry Association (CCIA) was successfully held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. With the theme of "moving steadily and moving forward hand in hand", this meeting comprehensively summarized a series of important achievements of the association, such as the establishment and improvement of the management system, the continuous efforts of industry think tanks, the prominent role of bridges and effective tackling methods. At the same time, it commended the collectives and individuals who made outstanding contributions to "ensuring the stability and smoothness of supply". At the meeting, KLM Logistics Co., Ltd. was awarded the outstanding contribution collective award of "ensuring stable and smooth supply" in China's container industry, and KLM Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the outstanding contribution collective award of China's Container Industry Association. 01 Tianjin Keyun Logistics Co., Ltd Collective Award for outstanding contribution to "ensuring stable and smooth supply" in China's container industry 02 Tianjin Keyun Group Co., Ltd Outstanding contribution collective award of China Container Industry Association
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  • Keyun JIhang welcomes the honor of AEO senior certification enterprise
    Yunji Airlines has passed the "AEO advanced certification enterprise" certification Thank you very much for the encouragement and affirmation of the customs assessment expert group. Keyun group has officially become a customs AEO senior certification enterprise, which indicates that the company has the "golden signboard" for international customs clearance and the highest customs clearance convenience advantage of "the most convenient customs, the most favorable domestic customs and the most recognized international customs". AEO advanced certification must pass the certification of the General Administration of customs. The enterprise standards include internal control, financial status, law-abiding norms, trade security and additional standards, including 5 categories, 18 articles and 32 basic standards and additional standards. Enterprises certified by the customs will greatly improve their business reputation between customers and the customs. Under the guidance of the customs Certification Department, Keyun group has further improved its management system, and obtaining AEO senior certification is the customs' recognition of enterprise standards, process implementation and control ability. Thank you for your cooperation and trust, as well as your colleagues' silent efforts and unremitting efforts to share this honor and joy with us! What are the benefits of applying for AEO advanced enterprise certification? A: In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Interim Measures of the customs of the people's Republic of China for the administration of enterprise credit, the following management principles and measures are applicable to senior certification enterprises: (1) Low inspection rate of import and export goods; (2) Simplify the review of import and export goods documents; (3) Give priority to customs clearance of import and export goods; (4) Other management principles and measures stipulated by the General Administration of customs. (5) Go through the inspection and release procedures before determining the commodity classification, customs valuation, origin of import and export goods or completing other customs procedures; (6) the customs establishes a coordinator for enterprises; (7) the bank deposit account system is not implemented for enterprises engaged in processing trade; (8) AEO mutually recognizes the customs clearance convenience measures provided by national or regional customs. We will make the company's internal management more standardized and standardized through this comprehensive and detailed "physical examination". With the gold signboard of "advanced certification", our enterprise's brand value and awareness have been recognized and improved in the industry and become more competitive in the customer supply chain. Our company will take the opportunity of winning the customs advanced certification qualification to provide customers with higher quality and safer services, give full play to the advantages of AEO advanced certification and connect with international standards, so as to lay a solid foundation for expanding the international market.
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  • inherit the red spirit and absorb the power of faith!
    in order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the great motherland and strengthen the feelings of patriotism, party and enterprise, we met to watch Changjin lake after a day's work. Taking the Changjin Lake campaign as the background, Changjin Lake tells a touching story of the volunteer company holding its position in the extremely cold and harsh environment, bravely killing the enemy and making important contributions to the victory of the Changjin Lake campaign. "Remember history and awaken memory", we fully felt the tenacious will and unswerving dedication of the revolutionary martyrs, cherished today's hard won happy life, and transformed the feelings of our family and country into the driving force of hard work, dedication and dedication.
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  • 2021 g-transport logistics autumn expansion activity successfully held
    looking forward to, exulting, taking advantage of the breeze, facing the sun, the autumn expansion activities of 2021 gram logistics arrived as scheduled. With the theme of "building an efficient execution team and improving service awareness", the two groups of team members arrived at the site of the League Construction - Yesanpo Bailixia scenic spot on September 4 and September 11, respectively. The towering peaks, clear streams and the beautiful scenery of nature have a panoramic view. There are still some unfinished ideas when we return. Let's review this team expansion trip together! In a pleasant atmosphere, the ice breaking ceremony of this activity was carried out in an orderly manner. The ice breaking ceremony gave us a deeper understanding of the objectives of this expansion activity. At the same time, six activity teams were established. In the next intense and exciting game activities, the tacit cooperation between teams also narrowed the distance between team members. The original intention of this activity was to pass the group Effective communication among team members to shape an efficient execution team, so that employees can surpass themselves and play a better level. After the ice breaking ceremony in the morning and the rest adjustment at noon, each team member appeared in front of each other in full spirits to welcome the official start of the expansion activities. The first activity: Roman chariot - use bamboo and rope props to build a Roman chariot fort to compete for the victory of the team through the throwing distance and accuracy of shells. The purpose is not only to let the team members experience the joy of team operation, but also to let the team members understand the importance of clear objectives in team operation. The second activity: challenge 99 - this is a traditional project based on team cooperation and team competition. It cultivates the overall coordination and cooperation ability of team members, the rapid learning ability of the team, and awakens the team's spirit of fighting bravely. The third activity: aerial ladder - two team members in the same group hold wooden sticks tightly and form a "ladder" with wooden sticks. The ladder climber needs to reach the designated end point through the ladder. The purpose of this activity is to let the team members learn how to accurately find their own position and give full play to their advantages in team action. Only by improving the ability of team members to cooperate and cooperate with each other in work, can we find the scheme more quickly and accurately. As we all know, a clear division of labor, scientific distribution and effective organization are the key to the success of the team. With the faint mist and cool breeze, with bursts of freshness, we ushered in the second day of expansion activities, and the most expected activity - "drifting" was also carried out on this day. In order to better display their strength in drifting, the coach took everyone to do a warm-up movement - "crossing the infrared ray". All staff are not allowed to touch the red line. One person touches all staff to start over. 96 people, regardless of height, fat and thin, have to pass smoothly at one time before the task is completed. This is a task that seems impossible to complete. The power of unity is immeasurable, Lu Xun said, "there is no road in this world. When there are many people, it will become a road." Just like there are no miracles in the world, but as long as you insist, you can create miracles. At this moment, a group of people can create greater miracles by twisting into a rope. When six teams of different colors gather together, it is like a gorgeous rainbow. It is this colorful that forms a complete and unshakable whole. With the smooth crossing of the last team member, I We officially ushered in the highlight of the next day - drifting! A meandering river extends in the hard hinterland of the canyon. Riding a rubber raft down the river, the sky is high, the water is long, the sun is shining, and surrounded by mountains. You think it will be "a big river with wide waves and the wind blows the fragrance of rice and flowers on both sides." In fact, the protagonist of this drifting is not the team members, not the rubber raft, but the water gun and ladle! Everyone put on their raincoats, took their equipment, boarded the boat, and began a nervous and exciting drifting journey. During drifting, we should not only "fight" with nature, but also always be vigilant against water guns and ladles on the way. Some jump off the boat and stand on the bank with ladles at a slower water flow to be ready at any time. Some stand on the bank with water guns filled with water to wait for the emergence of team members. Some take a raft to hide in the grass, and ladles filled with water are placed beside the raft to be ready for "launch..." It's a pleasure to fight water battles wantonly in the mountains and streams after intense work. Of course, every activity has its reason for existence. Learning the implied truth through each activity is the real significance of this activity. Let's turn to the second half of the activity, which is passion F1. As the saying goes: "the more exciting thing than driving F1 is to participate in the design of an F1. The more exciting thing than designing an F1 is to build an F1 powered by manpower." Each team needs to build the car well through team cooperation and make the chariot drive smoothly on the slate road. With everyone's joint efforts, we have completed the manufacturing and trial run of F1 racing car. The organizing committee will give each team impression points in the auto show and conduct a formal competition. The team with the highest points will win the championship of this event. With the end of the last activity, the autumn expansion activity also entered the end. At the graduation ceremony, each team sent the new forces who had just arrived at the sports family and the excellent students recommended by each team to make a summary speech and issue awards. Finally, Ms. Chen Qiao, the general manager, delivered the summary of this activity - literacy and learning ability. Literacy is the basic literacy that everyone should have. As the name suggests, it is quality and education. Only when one has laid the foundation of literacy can one have a better living environment and working state; Learning ability refers to the motivation, perseverance and ability of learning. Only scientific learning methods can bring better results and experience. Before doing anything, you should first think about the order, what to do first, and then what to do. When doing something, you must be clear about the reason for doing it and what the focus is. Only by reasonably allocating your time and energy can you do it in the shortest time Work in a more efficient way. With the sunset, the orange sky is a touch of dark blue, quiet and beautiful. This autumn expansion activity also remains in your good memory. Let's see you next time!
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  • safety is more important than Mount Tai
    in order to further strengthen the company's safety construction, improve the safety awareness of all employees and master the basic knowledge of fire fighting, the company recently organized all employees to carry out safety themed training. First of all, remind all the staff to understand the links of trade safety in combination with their actual posts, ensure the safety of goods and processes, know the crisis management measures, and take the operating procedures as the guidance, so that they can be handy and safety can accompany their work every day. Of course, the most important thing is personnel safety and site safety. Tell everyone that they must pay great attention to it and enhance the emergency response of safety first Disposal capacity. This training had the honor to invite manager Sun, the person in charge of fire safety of the Property Office, as the keynote speaker, gave a detailed training explanation on how to deal with fire hazards and escape skills, introduced the use methods of fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, gas masks and fire blankets, and conducted a field demonstration. Towards the end of the training, manager Sun led his colleagues to conduct a fire drill. Through this training, employees were guided to strengthen learning, improve safety awareness and increase safety skills.
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  • the mid year meeting of "cost reduction and efficiency increase" of KLM in 2021 was successfully concluded
    there is only a starting point for cost reduction, but no end point for efficiency increase! In order to sort out the work results in the first half of 2021, summarize the experience and shortcomings obtained in the past, timely find and solve the problems existing in the work, provide ideas and methods for the smooth development of the work in the second half of 2021, and then promote the business volume. On July 10, the company successfully held the work summary meeting for the first half of 2021 and the work plan meeting for the second half of 2021. First of all, Mr. Huang Zigao, Xu Feng and sun Yanjie, sales managers of the transportation department, reported the business volume comparison in the first half of the year, the project situation, the business volume income of customs declaration and inspection and the work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Xing Longyong, the manager of the transportation department, reported the business volume, vehicle efficiency, production and loading business volume, port collection, empty lifting, drop hanging business volume of the Department in the first half of the year, the current overall situation of the enterprise alliance, the data analysis of empty container storage fee and the work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Li Dongguo and Ms. Xu Feitong, in charge of the box management department, reported the empty box business volume, station utilization rate, the overall situation of box repair, customer service and the work plan for the second half of the year. Ms. Liu Huiying, deputy manager of the box management department, first reported the business and income comparison of empty, heavy and repaired boxes in the same period, the business volume of each station, staffing, the completion of work in the first half of the year and the work plan in the second half of the year. Mr. Qiu Hailiang and Mr. Liu Zaixing in charge of the business department reported the packing business volume, import volume, insurance volume summary in the first half of the year, on-site personnel management and work plan in the second half of the year. Ms. Du Xiaoyan, sales manager of the business department, first reported the work summary and analysis of each business volume in the first half of the year, the work summary and objectives in the second half of the year, existing problems and solutions. Mr. Mao wanjian, manager of multimodal transport department, reported on the cooperation with China Railway Lianji, market research and customer visit, the current business development and the work plan for the second half of the year. Ms. Chu Tianshu, manager of the management department, reported the summary of the Department in the first half of the year: Human Resources: organization, personnel distribution (education, company age, age and gender), system and performance; administration: fixed expenses, administrative process, nailing process timeliness, procurement comparison in the same period and work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Zhao Feng, manager of the finance department, reported the company's overall profit and loss analysis in the first half of the year, revenue in the same period, gross profit comparison, main cost analysis, mechanical equipment fuel, maintenance analysis, accounts receivable analysis and work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Fan Youjiang, who is also the manager of the maintenance department of the safety department, summarized the existing problems and solutions of the equipment, daily work, inspection of each station of the company, employee safety training, emergency drill and maintenance work; deficiencies in the work and improvement and plan in the second half of the year. Ms. Yao Ruyan, deputy general manager and concurrently business manager of the company, described the problems existing in the site and customer service of the business department, put forward solutions (main aspects: process management, customer service, process, plan, etc.) and the work plan for the second half of the year, and quoted Qiao's words "heroism" and "my generation's style". (with mission in mind, challenge yourself and create the future together. ) After the report of each department manager, Ms. Chen Qiao, the general manager of the company, commented on each department and pointed out the highlights and deficiencies in the reporting work of each department. In terms of employees, they should increase their knowledge and learn from the management of other excellent companies in many aspects; in terms of resources, they should develop the linkage of various businesses. Message for the second half of the year: take every step in a down-to-earth manner.
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  • Inquiry of packing information of KLM logistics, bringing you transparent service
    Inquiry of packing information of KLM logistics, bringing you transparent service Are you still worried that the dynamic information cannot be queried in real time when the delegation is sent? Are you still struggling to get box number information from customer service? Keyun provides customers with convenient, transparent and open packing information query service. Just pay attention to the "Keyun logistics" official account, and all the yard packing dynamics can be self-service real-time query. Step 1: search for "Keyun logistics" official account on WeChat and click "follow" The second step: enter the official account and click "packing business" - "packing inquiry" Step 3: enter the company name and mobile phone number, upload the company's business license and the applicant's ID card photo, click "application binding", and wait for the audit results The fourth step: after passing the audit, the audit result notice is received on the official account page of "Keyun logistics" Step 5: click "packing business" - "packing query" again to input the complete bill of lading number to be queried KLM provides the following information query results for customers ① Entrustment information: name of vessel, voyage, bill of lading number, type and quantity of container, name of goods, weight of package ② Case information: case number, lead seal number, case weight, case appearance time, case photo ③ Cargo information: delivery vehicle information, delivery vehicle dispatch information, delivery vehicle in and out information, delivery vehicle unloading information Delegation information Box information Cargo information Packing photos
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  • guests and representatives of the second China (Dongjiang) shipping industry week, inspecting Tianjin port container terminal and Tianjin Keyun Logistics
    guests and representatives of the second China (Dongjiang) shipping industry week, inspecting Tianjin port container terminal and Tianjin Keyun Logistics On May 20, some guests and representatives attending the second China (Eastern Xinjiang) shipping industry week, including the main leaders of China Shipping weekly, Lianyungang Port holding group, Ningbo Joint Conference Office of sea rail intermodal transport development, logistics time weekly and other units, as well as from Tianjin Hangxing, feimabin, Tianjin Jinquan Logistics, Tianjin Qianhai, Ningbo Tianxu international logistics, Yiwu City Representatives of isea member enterprises, such as Yitong Europe logistics, Shenzhen Huayun international logistics and Zeus technology, visited Tianjin Port under the organization of Tianjin port of shipping logistics branch of China Transportation Association (isea), creating conditions for direct communication between port and shipping logistics enterprises. The first stop of the investigation is the North Xinjiang port area of Tianjin port. The delegation mainly visited the unmanned truck working area of Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. In the newly released "top 30 innovation cases of port and shipping logistics industry in 2021", the award-winning project of smart port driverless container truck application project of mainline technology was launched here. At the activity site, the guests and representatives were very concerned about whether the actual application scenario of the unmanned truck was really implemented, the extension and development direction of the promotion. Liu Jieqiang, Secretary of the Party group and general manager of Tianjin port container Co., Ltd., said on the site that with the integration of Tianjin port group's Wharf and yard business, as well as the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration and xiong'an new area development plan, smart With the blessing of science and technology, the Unmanned Container truck business will be gradually extended to Tianjin port, and gradually spread to xiong'an new area and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, helping domestic and foreign trade enterprises and logistics enterprises in the above regions to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The unmanned truck working area of Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. is a real application scenario combining 5G technology with L4 automatic driving and artificial intelligence. Whether it's full-automatic container handling in the terminal yard, driverless truck transfer, until the final shipment, all unmanned operations are carried out on site, and all instructions are sent out by the central control room one kilometer away, and are independently completed by the artificial intelligence program. Traditional wharf loading and unloading can only be completed by workers' loading and unloading list and experience. Now, the central control computer calculates the operation route with the best efficiency and the shortest time. The efficiency of the terminal is 30% higher than before. Then, the delegation visited the container yard, North Xinjiang station and business office center of Keyun Group logistics under Tianjin Keyun group. The container yard of Keyun logistics adopts big data, intelligent bayonet and other technologies to connect with the data of the shipping company in real time, so as to provide customers with comprehensive, intelligent, efficient and convenient container management services. Du Xiaoyan, manager of the logistics business department of Keyun, also introduced the corporate culture, box, car and cargo services and multimodal transport business of Keyun Group to the members of the delegation. It is understood that at present, Keyun logistics has established 3 wharf yards and 25 inland ICD. Relying on the inland site, we can provide customers with portable box service. At the same time, the inland delivery can also reduce the transportation process, reduce the transportation cost of customers, and speed up the container turnover. Relying on the control of intelligent central control in the intelligent platform, Keyun logistics provides task matching services for customers. While the driver completes the task of carrying and returning the containers, it intelligently matches tasks such as port collection and import, which greatly increases the use efficiency of the trailer. At the end of the activity, Lin Yikun, Secretary General of isea Tianjin port, summed up the core concepts of this activity and isea: reducing the logistics cost of customers, increasing the efficiency of shipping and freight enterprises, intelligent technology, green environmental protection, and win-win cooperation.
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  • Anaya aranya | spring travel notes of port and shipping
    winter goes to spring, and the climate is getting warmer. In this season of grass growing and birds flying, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees, promote mutual communication and exchange, experience collective life and enhance the friendship and cohesion of employees, our company organized all employees to go to Anaya Hotel, Changli, Hebei Province for spring outing from April 16 to 18, 2021. Anaya B & B / arnaya homes Anaya B & B is a seaside home shared by the owners, which is suitable for the whole family. It covers villas, courtyards, foreign houses, apartments and other types of houses. Each room has its own style, which brings us a different travel experience Special food As the saying goes: "the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley" As the saying goes, "food is the most important thing for the people" Anaya is located on the gold coast of Beidaihe New Area. Of course, the essential food here is seafood! In the evening, everyone sat at the table eating seafood, drinking beer and chatting about trivial things of life. The atmosphere was very harmonious~ The lonely library is also known as the seaside public welfare Library of Sanlian bookstore. It has three floors and has a large French window to the sea, which can let everyone in it see the sea. ② Anaya auditorium, foreign name: Anaya community hall, is the first maritime Church in China. From the side, the church is like a piano with unique and poetic shape. Punch in / commemorate Facing the sea, flowers bloom in spring We visit the Anaya auditorium, we read in the lonely library, we walk on the beach, we shoot in the archery range, and we swing in the golf course. We enjoy ourselves here, leaving our footprints and laughter here. Although the trip is over, the landscape of Anaya and the friendship between colleagues will remain forever. This trip has narrowed the distance between employees, enhanced friendship, reflected the company's people-oriented business philosophy, so that employees can fully relax after intense work and fully enjoy the beauty of nature. Thanks to Mr. Liang's strong support for this event. I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Liang, the performance of Hong Kong and shipping will be booming!
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